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Auto insurance does not mean that people financial profession have same things 2021

Auto insurance does not mean that person’s financial profession has same things


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Auto insurance

It is amazing how much literature has been written on the Internet about auto insurance business. The main way to use many of these files is to sell the car, rather than offering it in the context of an appropriate insurance product or “a product designed to protect your property and wealth”.

Therefore, when searching for the term “auto insurance”, a large number of websites with the term “sales” are available, such as insurance or cheap insurance or cheap insurance.

Auto insurance does not mean that people financial profession have same things
At the beginning of 2011, according to there were 8,100 people; 74,000; 9,900 searches per month for the key phrases listed. On the other hand, there were only 110 searches for the term “reliable auto insurance“, 170 searches for “quality insurance” and 8,100 searches for “insurance companies”.

Auto Insurance Company Secrets You Don’t Want To Know

It is easy to conclude that most searches for a line depend on price rather than quality of insurance. The basic principle of marketing is to understand what people want and to design and package your product or service to meet what people want.

Cheap insurance website

Cheap insurance website Given these numbers, we can say that most people want to have cheap insurance. As a salesperson, if you design any campaign without considering that analysis, you may end up losing market tests, shutting down your website, and doing other work.

So what is the difference between insurance policy? From a ‘financial planning’ point of view, auto insurance comparisons should never be based solely on prices, and many would agree that cheap insurance is not necessarily the best car insurance.

Auto insurance does not mean that people financial profession have same things

But what most don’t know is that an insurance policy with the company with the highest price can also be one of the most difficult contracts. The insurance contract should be compared with a reference to three factors. Price, of course the cheaper the better.

Company rating insurance

Company rating insurance Nonstandard companies are more flexible than their standard or preferred partners compared to previous violations observed in the work of drivers and credit points of insurance applicants.

However, non-standard companies are stricter in terms of customer service and payment requirements than others. Most complaints come from non-standard insurance companies.

While privileged companies are reluctant to pay smaller claims that require seven or eight thousand dollars, or even a little more; all top-down companies try to verify the application so they can claim $ 100,000 or not.

Maximum responsibility. This is most overlooked, least understood, but the most important aspect of the policy is the impact on customers at the time of insurance. It measures how much protection you have in the event of a lawsuit.

Insurance policies

Insurance policies professional financial advisor will never give you auto insurance policy if there is not enough information that you and your spouse have enough wealth in case you or a family member was involved in a major car accident and if your insurance is limited. Most pay the police, which is not enough.

There are many insurance policies sold by larger insurance companies with the lowest liability rates imposed by the state. In the state of Illinois, these limits are which means that in the event of an accident that you are to blame and sued by others, your company will not exceed on your behalf.

Bodily injury per person, no more than for bodily injury to all other people in the accident, and a maximum for material damage you suffer in that accident.

If you are a business owner and you have a major accident as a result of unjustified damages of $ 300,000, and your insurance company has increased the insurance premium to $ 20,000, the difference of $ 280,000 should be at your expense.

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Financial planners and car suppliers disagree
Financial planners disagree with insurance dealers about the weight to be placed on limiting liability insurance.

Marketing experts want to emphasize aspects of the price and rating  companies, while financial planners first emphasize the importance of limiting liabilities, then the rating of the company, and perhaps the price at a later stage.

Although financial planners and insurance providers have common goals to maximize their profits when providing their services, the scope of their activities varies. Auto dealers secure their money by selling as much as possible to the police. The market is doing its best for ha insurance.

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